Thursday, September 27, 2012

RainTower clothing.

Good evening. Yesterday I fell sick (thanks to certain individuals in my university class I presume, that I previously observed coughing and feeling sick the other day), I think it's a cold, with fever and stuff. I stayed at home today, pretty much doing nothing and feeling bad for so many things that I spent most of my day sleeping in the darkness of my room. 

I should have used the day to devoure my A Storm of Swords, book III of A song of Ice and Fire, one of the most amazing ant touching sagas I've ever had the pleasure to read. Tonight I'll force myself to read till I fall asleep! For now I was feeling very cozy about the blog and I'm writing this shorty entry while listening to Lord Mark Knopfler (lol). It's about RainTower clothing, a line of handmade organic clothing that the swedish artist Naomi Nowak sells on Etsy.

I don't have personal experience of any of her products, but for my birthday this next 12th of November I'm planning to reunite some money from what I'll get from my grandparents plus something I guess I'll have and buy something from her store. As soon as I buy, I'll do another entry for review.

Her clothes follow a similar but beautiful stylistic line: people with our tastes will definitely love it. The colors she uses are included in my favourite colors' palette, all blueish-greyish-darkish. Everything is handmade and handyed, being the dying themes mostly about astrological, mystical, alchemy stuff. From her own words, I leave you here a fragment of what she explains to you in her Etsy page:

''Hand sewn and hand dyed by me using recycled material exclusively. Each piece I make is unique - my philosophy is never let anything go to waste; I only sew when I find fabric or garments that I can recycle. This is a new incarnation of pre-loved fabric, long since washed free of the chemicals that come with new cotton.

I'm inspired by mythology, magic, alchemy and nature - I'm an illustrator but I've always loved making clothes. This is a wonderful way for me to get my illustrations onto some apparel without buying new tees, going into dodgy licensing deals or using expensive/non-organic printing processes.''

Here are some pictures of her creations (click for large version), which you can get from . Her personal website: . Pictures NOT taken by me, they are all either from her Etsy store or her Facebook page: . If you have any of her creations already, leave a comment and let us know! Many smiles to all of you. Have a good night.

This dress was SO OBVIOUSLY created for me. It is my destiny to fullfill the epic journey of buying it one day. (The girl's the artist, by the way.)

This is my second destiny task. And the model is artist  Liselotte Eriksson!

The dying of this one is so delicate and beautiful, isn't it? Very nice creation this one.

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Moonphase on skirt.

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